The “soap opera” with the voter fraud continues! Sadly, months after the 2020 election, the institutions began investigating the malversations and irregularities connected to 2020 Presidential election.

It seems that under the heavy pressure from the public, the federal and state officials are taking more serious approach towards this issue. Wisconsin now joins the states where election fraud probes will be launched.

The state of Wisconsin was one of the crucial points that helped pushed Biden into a more comfortable position. His electoral votes gained by the voters of this state are important for the overall result.

Despite the pressure, Wisconsin’s Republican-majority Assembly finally passed a resolution for deeper investigation.

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This is what AP reported with more details:

Earlier this month, Republicans raised new questions about how the election was administered in Green Bay. The Assembly elections committee held a hearing on those issues, but did not invite any election officials accused of wrongdoing to testify. Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich called it a “Stalinist show trial” and defended his city’s handling of the election.

Sanfelippo said at a news conference Tuesday that he hoped the committee would not need to subpoena anyone to testify, a power that hasn’t been used by a legislative committee in at least half a century. He said it was in everyone’s best interests to be open and forthcoming.

Assembly Republicans have also introduced a series of election-related bills that would address many of the issues raised by Trump and his supporters. The bills would limit the number of ballot drop boxes; require absentee voters to provide an ID for every election; limit who can automatically receive absentee ballots for every election; prohibit election officials from completing missing information on the certification envelopes returned by voters that contain absentee ballots. and create more paperwork for those who vote early in clerk’s offices.

The struggle for justice will continue in the next couple of months. Republicans seem to be willing to expose the controversy, but still, they lack the expected strong support from the federal GOP establishment.

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