This report I have for you will likely turn your stomach and leave you speechless.

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But before I’m labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ I only report and present information to you.

I report and YOU decide.

Remember this interview Dr. Carrie Madej did with Stew Peters following her findings of the COVID-19 vials under the microscope.

Dr. Madej analyzed Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vials and discovered some type of parasitic organism.

I had the pleasure of attending a recent event where Dr. Madej presented her findings in person.

You can watch at this link.

Her findings of the COVID-19 jab vials begins around 6 minutes, but the entire clip is worth watching for extra knowledge.

What Dr. Madej found is shocking.

And a video that recently surfaced from Poland found something similar.

This presentation comes from Dr. Franc Zalewski and he analyzed Pfizer COVID-19 jab vials beneath the microscope.

Dr. Zalewski’s lecture was posted on YouTube.

But the video was scrubbed after 3 days with roughly 130,000 views.

So, what did YouTube not want the world to see?

Here’s a brief breakdown of Dr. Zalewski’s findings before I give you the entire video.

He noted that not all the vials contained “The Thing.”

Some of the vials were simply a saline solution.

This tentacled, aluminum/carbon based organism contained eggs nourished by graphene.

Could that explain the reason for graphene oxide inside the vials?

Dr. Zalewski raises the possibility of this parasitic-like organism lying dormant and needing the right conditions to develop inside you.

That’s a lot of information to ponder.

With multiple doctors and researchers finding freakish organisms beneath the microscope, what exactly are these companies putting inside the vials?

That’s the question the public must demand an answer.

Below is Dr. Zalewski’s presentation on Bitchute.

Before leaving a comment, please watch the entire video.

The video is in Polish but with English subtitles:

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