Donald Trump Jr. discussed on Monday his comfort with politics and his focus on speaking for the American people, even if that turns the D.C. elites against him.“Politics allowed me to actually be who I was more so than the guy in a boardroom in New York City,” Trump told the Washington Examiner. “It’s the guy who I was on the weekends. I was acting, per se, when I put on a suit to be in a boardroom.”

Trump is a hotel and real estate executive, following in the Trump family footsteps. He is also one of the strongest advocates for his father and conservatism more broadly. At one point or an other, the eldest Trump son has been rumored to be gearing up for a potential gubernatorial or even presidential run.

“You know, I actually understand the base because I live with the base,” he told the Examiner. “These are my friends. These are my people.”

From his book to his newsletter, Trump says the messaging is resonating with the base more than ever before, especially in light of increasing Big Tech censorship and President Joe Biden’s divisive move to sign more than 50 executive orders less than a month in office.

“We’re more popular with the base now than we were on Election Day, I think because they realize how bad it is. They realize the tech censorship, which we talked about extensively,” Trump said. “They realize that the lies that the media sold them … They realize that they have been played. They realize that they’ve been sold in a bill of goods that was nonsense. Joe Biden’s not the moderate nice guy that they made him out to be. He’s a puppet of the radical left, and he’s their dream guy because they’ll sign whatever they put in front of them, and he doesn’t know the difference.”

“There is a shortage of conservatives out there who are willing to say what everyone in the conservative movement feels and believes. They’re afraid,” the 43-year-old argued. “They’re worried about being canceled. They care more about what some liberal at some D.C. quote-unquote ‘think tank’ thinks about them than they do the guy who just lost his job and won’t be able to feed his family next week.”

“I couldn’t care less,” Trump emphasized. “I couldn’t care less what those people think. I care about the hard-working men and women. That’s what we made our campaign on. That’s what we’re going to do.”

Last Tuesday, Trump echoed a similar sentiment while appearing on Fox News airwaves, imploring Republicans to “get tough.”

“We got to play hardball,” he said, as noted by The Daily Wire. “If they’re playing hardball, we’ve been playing t-ball for generations while the Democrats have played hardball. We’ve turned the other cheek as they’ve slapped us in the face and laugh as they’ve won every major fight along the way, while we claim some sort of moral high ground and losing everything.”

“That’s what Donald Trump showed the Republican Party, that you can push back, that you don’t have to go with their norms, that you don’t have to listen to the media when they’re just flagrantly putting out nonsense,” he added. “You can actually push back and I hope that the Republican Party does that.”

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