This Timothy Dixon has quickly became a real favorite!

A favorite of mine, and based on all the emails and comments I receive also a favorite of yours!

He’s a lifelong truck driver who spends hours each day with the LORD and who God has given prophetic messages in response to all of that time together.

There is so much in here, way more than I could summarize for you.

You really need to listen to it all for yourself….

But a key part that I wanted to highlight was when he started talking about Biden and Harris.

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He says they will use the 25th Amendment to soon take out Biden, something President Trump also warned about.

But then it got really interesting.

He says they will then turn on Kamala.

Everyone thinks they are grooming Kamala to be the President, but Dixon says that’s not the case, not at all.

He says they will turn on her next, and she sees it.

You see, they don’t want ANY President….they want to transfer power to the Elites.

They want to completely destroy 1 of the 3 branches of government, after they’ve already corrupted the other two.

I found this REALLY interesting because a betrayal of Kamala Harris is EXACTLY what Charlie Shamp prophesied almost two years ago!

Then the best part….

After this happens, Dixon says what will happen next will ONLY happen by the Power of the Hand of God….and it will be glorious!

There’s so much more in here beyond that, so you just have to watch it for yourself.

Watch here:

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