The Durham investigation continues to heat up.

According to sources, John Solomon an investigative reporter and owner of Just The News, claims that John Durham will be going after The F.B.I. next in his criminal investigation.

It remains to be seen what Durham will find or if the agency will manage to successfully hide its tracks.

The F.B.I. has been at the center of many plots against both against President Trump and against The American people, so Durham going after members of the agency would be an excellent start to unravelling elements of the deep state.

Here are some of the latest developments in the ongoing investigation:

Conservative Brief featured a transcript from the segment where Solomon appeared:

Do you think that John Durham is going to indict people at high levels, big fish, within the FBI?

JOHN SOLOMON: There’s no doubt there is activity inside the grand jury right now aimed at looking at top-level officials of the FBI, and it’s based on this evidence. We all look at the fact that Denchenko was interviewed by the FBI on January 17, and disowned a lot of the things that were said to him.

Washington Examiner brings us a related report:

Durham’s team asked a judge to “inquire into a potential conflict of interest” related to the lawyers for British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s main anti-Trump dossier source, noting that a separate lawyer at their firm “is currently representing the 2016 ‘Hillary for America’ presidential campaign, as well as multiple former employees of that campaign, in matters before the Special Counsel.”




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