I really appreciate everything this man just said to his local school board.

He is FIRED UP and very passionate and you know what?

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That’s ok!

I think we’ve forgotten that in America.

It’s ok to have passion and righteous anger!

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Jesus himself had righteous anger when he flipped over the moneychanger tables in the Temple.

We’ve been so pussified errrrrrr “pacified” in this nation to believe we can’t ever raise our voice or show emotion.

Well I reject that idea.

When your nation is circling the drain, Patriots speak up!

Patriots take action!

And this man is doing something and I applaud him for it.

I also applaud him for stating he’s not advocating violence — in fact, he’s trying to prevent it.

There are people out there that are being pushed to their limits who don’t have the self-control he has or that you or I have.

He’s telling these people to stop pushing people to their limits and backing them in a corner.

I think it’s very wise and very proactice.

I support him 100% but I’d love to know what you think.

And yes, he starts off with a really funny line but then gets very serious.

Watch the short clip here on Rumble:

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SOURCE: WeLoveTrump



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