I know we have all missed seeing President Trump rally supporters and deliver truth with his energizing speeches.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer for Him to return!

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On Saturday, June 5th, President Trump will speak at a North Carolina GOP event.

His last in-person speech was at the CPAC convention back in February.

Although the speech is allegedly closed to the media, it’s exciting to have President Trump back at the podium!

Many supporters received a text asking for input before his Presidential speech on June 5th.

The text also highlights the usage of “President Trump.”

Recipients of the texts posted screenshots to Twitter:

The message we have looked the same as those found on Twitter:


Can we finally say bye-bye to Biden?

Could President Trump be returning to the White House this weekend?

The thought is sending the left into a state of panic, which is always fun to watch.

Check out what left-leaning Independent has to say about President Trump’s Presidential June 5th speech:

It’s been over four months since Donald Trump was in the White House, but his messages to supporters appear to be pretending he’s still president.

“Do you agree that President Trump must SAVE AMERICA from Joe Biden?” one survey on his website asks.

“President Trump: I LOVE TRUMP RALLIES & I want YOU to tell me where to hold my first one back,” a text from the Trump campaign reads.

“Before I give my Presidential speech on June 5th, I need your input,” reads another text, which refers to the former president as “Pres. Trump.”

Several recipients of the texts posted screenshots of them on Twitter.

“What kind of delusional world does Trump live in?” one wrote.

Joe Biden has been president of the United States since 20 January, after handily beating Mr Trump in the 2020 US election. Since then, Mr Trump has peddled the lie that the election was stolen, but failed to gain any traction in dozens of court cases trying to prove it.

The Trump fundraising team does not appear to live in that reality. Its messages and surveys notably do not refer to Mr Biden as “president,” but do so for Mr Trump.

“Who do you believe is a better fit to lead our Nation?” one survey question asks. The two choices offered are “President Trump” or “Joe Biden.”

The answers to other questions are conspicuously limited.

“How would you rate the state of our nation right now under Joe Biden?” reads another query.

The answers available are “Terrible,” “Horrible,” “Very bad,” or “ALL OF THE ABOVE.”

Since leaving office amid the fallout from the 6 January Capitol riot, Mr Trump has struggled to retain his relevance. Banned from Twitter and Facebook, he briefly attempted to reach his followers through a blog, but shut it down this week after receiving embarrassingly low view numbers.

The mainstream media won’t know what to do once President Trump returns for good.

They’ll get a nice preview this weekend in North Carolina!

Source: welovetrump.com



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