The Secret Service has denied any knowledge of Hunter Biden’s missing gun case, but newly uncovered texts cast doubt on that claim.

Hunter’s handgun disappeared in 2018 after his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, who became his lover because that is how Hunter rolls, got rid of the gun in a trash bin, The New York Post reported.

“She stole the gun out of my trunk lock box and threw it in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens [sic]. Then told me it was my problem to deal with,” Hunter wrote.

“Then when the police the FBI the secret service came on the scene she said she took it from me because she was scared I would harm myself due to my drug and alcohol problem and our volatile relationship and that she was afraid for the kids,” he said in a message found on a hard drive obtained by The Post.

The message dated Jan. 29, 2019 said, “Really not joking the cop kept me convinced that Hallie was implying she was scared of me.”

““Took from lock box of truck and put it IN PapER BAG AND Threw it in trash can at local high end grocer. For no reason,” he said in a message dated Dec. 6, 2018.

“And I freaked when I saw it was missing 10 minutes after she took it and when she went back to get it after I scared the s–t out of her it was gone which led to state police investigation of me. True story,” he said.

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Both messages are contained on a hard drive obtained by The Post that holds the contents of a damaged laptop computer that was left at Wilmington repair shop by Hunter in April 2019 and never retrieved.

The Macbook Pro laptop was later seized by the FBI, apparently as part of what Hunter last year said is an investigation into his “tax affairs” by the Delaware US Attorney’s Office.

On Thursday, Politico reported that the incident involving Hunter’s .38-caliber revolver took place on Oct. 23, 2018, and that the firearm was fished out of the trash and surrendered several days later by an older man who found it while searching for recyclable items.

During the course of an investigation into its disappearance, Secret Service agents approached the owner of the gun store where Hunter bought it 11 days earlier and asked for paperwork related to the purchase, Politico said, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

But that flies in the face of what the Secret Service claimed in a statement made this week on the Hunter Biden gun incident.

“U.S. Secret Service records confirm that the agency did not provide protection to any member of the Biden family in 2018, and that the Secret Service had no involvement in this alleged incident,” it said.

And, as usual, Joe Biden claims that he did not have any knowledge of the nonsense his son Hunter was involved in.

“President Biden did not have any knowledge of, or involvement in, the Secret Service’s alleged role in this incident, and neither he nor any family member was a protectee at that time,” The White House said in a statement.

The rant about his gun was part of an extended text message exchange about Hallie, who was th wife of his deceased brother Beau.

He said that she “told people I’ve ruined her credit and taken money from her (Hallie owes me $440,000- at least just from Amex– I’ve had an accountant go through ever Amex Statement and every wire transfer ive made or received).”

“I wouldn’t care except thats the rumor she started that went all the way from her lips to the club to a random bar and an acquaintaince 3 times removed – he heard that Hunter had spent all of hallies money and…” he said.

“That does not include the over $350K I have given Liz her sister. She has implied that Liz and I are sleeping together.”

He said Hallie “has told people that I constantly and obsessively invade her privacy goting through photos and phone bills etc… she forgets that she was the first to do that.”

“She has more photos of screen shots of my phone in her photos than anything else. She has promised me that if I came home she would stop and the moment I fall asleep she has taken my keys and phones and gone through everything,” he complained.

“She has secret photo vaults desguised [sic] as other apps on her phone and text apps meant for affairs,” he said.

SOURCE: Conservative Brief



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