Every month or so, the liberal media goes after Joe Rogan for some imagined controversy. It’s like they want to cancel him or diminish his reputation.

There is a simple explanation for this. Rogan is beating all of them, in terms of influence and reach.

Rogan’s podcast gets viewer ratings that dwarf liberal news outlets like CNN.

Red State reports:

Numbers Show Who America Is Watching and It Explains the Left’s Fears and Desperation

The left was supposed to be in total control of the narrative. It spent a lot of time securing its dominance over news platforms both on cable and regular television. Yet, there were holes in the narrative dam, and despite having overwhelming control of the news space, America is focusing far more on the voices they can’t control.

We’ve known for a long time that when it comes to cable news, MSNBC and CNN trail behind Fox News by miles. The former two are left-leaning beyond any doubt despite their constant attempts to convince you otherwise, with Fox News being the major cable network whose most notable hosts openly lean to the right.

According to the numbers, this still remains the case, but if we zoom out a bit more and include other voices, we can see something that would infuriate the left even more.

According to numbers from Spotify added in with Nielsen ratings, podcast host Joe Rogan takes the top spot in terms of audience, blowing away even Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, America’s most-watched cable news program.

Just look at the numbers below:

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Doesn’t that say it all?

CNN and MSNBC would kill to get the kind of numbers that Rogan gets on a regular basis.

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