CNN is dying, and it’s time to celebrate!

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The fact that CNN and other legacy media outlets are dying shows that The American people are slowly waking up and ditching fake news.

It has definitely been an uphill battle, and we aren’t nearly done yet, but it gives me comfort to know that they are losing this war.

New reports show that CNN’s top show came in at a dismal 22nd place in cable news ratings—yikes.

Sources point to a serious credibility problem, and I am glad they are because we have been speaking out against this kind of thing for years. Others say it’s because they NEED President Trump, and they cannot get on without him.

The MSM is mostly just fake news and state talking heads. The Fourth Estate is now just an extension of the state and large corporate interests.

Here’s what’s happening to these networks:

The Daily Wire pointed out:

The Nielsen ratings for the second quarter of the year are in, and the message seems to be: If Fox News has a show on the air, viewers would rather watch it than anything on CNN.

CNN, whose year-on-year total day ratings increased 63% in the first quarter of 2021, fell to earth over the last three months.

CNN’s top-rated show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” finished 22nd in cable news, behind 14 Fox News shows and seven broadcast on MSNBC. The shows that beat CNN’s best-rated program include:

Tucker Carlson Tonight


The Five

The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC)

The Ingraham Angle

Here’s how CNN chose to frame the issue of its declining viewership:

CNN beat MSNBC in all day parts during the second quarter, including Total Day, prime time, dayside and on weekends in the coveted demographic adults 25-54 according to Nielsen data.

CNN is the top-rated cable news network – outperforming MSNBC and FNC — since the New Year in Total Day among 25-54 and is a top 10 cable network in total viewers across dayparts this quarter.

During Q2, CNN ranked #3 in total viewers and #2 in the demo in All of Cable (not just news) in dayside. CNN continues to have the youngest audience in cable news in Total Day and prime time in Q2 and continues to reach the largest cumulative TV audience among both total viewers and adults 25-54 2021-to-date.

CNN’s digital platforms are also having record numbers, making CNN the most watched and most used news and information brand in the world.

CNN remains the #1 cable news network 2021-to-date with a commanding 40% of the 25-54 three network share in Total Day, to FNC’s 34% to MSNBC’s 26% share.




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  1. I definitely loved what I was reading it was very educational and pretty much dead on the money love Donald Trump he will be the success of an American president in the history of America

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