I absolutely HAVE to share this incredible video with you.

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A woman who was not doing very well, sick with COVID, decided to take Ivermectin and then document her journey on camera.

It’s absolutely incredible and it’s not very long either.


Because her recovery is SWIFT!

Here’s the other thing…..did you know Ivermectin is 100% approved for use in humans but the MSM is lying to you?

Did you know it’s proven highly effective and less dangerous than Aspirin?

Of course not, because the MSM won’t tell you.

But we will.

First, watch this incredible video and then scroll down for much more.

Here is the video from Rumble:

I am so tired of seeing all the misinformation out there about Ivermectin.

Look, I will give you one disclaimer before we get started:  I am a journalist and not anyone with any medical expertise.  I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving medical advice.  

I’m just presenting you with the results of my research that the MSM really seems to want to hide….

And I know how to do my research.

So let’s start with this:

Now let’s unpack all the lies the MSM has been telling you about Ivermectin.

You would assume based on all the MSM propaganda that Ivermectin is only approved for Horses and not Humans.

The only problem with that?

It’s not true.

Not even close.

Here’s the real truth: Anyone Who Would Take the Jab After Seeing This Is Not Worth Saving!

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