What’s happening to our military should disgust every American?

With the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 injection mandate for service members, it’s an essential purge of our armed forces.

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And for the ones who do comply, they’re at risk of life-threatening side effects in the future.

It’s a double-edged sword that’s guaranteed to weaken our military.

The Biden Administration has sought dishonorable discharges & court martials for troops who refuse the COVID-19 jab.

But hundreds of thousands of active duty troops have yet to comply with Biden’s demands.

In a shocking video from an anonymous young man who claims to be a Marine, he describes the potential punishment for those who don’t comply.

Gateway Pundit added this commentary:

“Everyone who refuses to get this treatment will be subject to a general court-martial convening authority in which they will determine your fate.”

“A general court-martial is the highest tier of military justice that can be administered, and they have the authority to issue up to a death sentence to anybody whose case comes to a general court-martial.”

At the conclusion of the video, the courageous Marine looks directly into the camera and issues a warning to whoever he will face during his court-martial.

“Whoever ends up presiding over my case, as I have blatantly refused to get this treatment because it’s wrong, just know I will happily die before I have this injected into my body.”
Contrary to our so-called “military leaders” such as General Milley, who is an embarrassment to the United States and a traitor, this young man is a true hero who embodies what our military is supposed to stand for: FREEDOM and LIBERTY!

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