Time for a FACT CHECK!

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Usually that means insertion of huge left-wing bias and lying about a story to fit some propaganda narrative.

But this is a true fact check.

Did Joe Biden just say in a speech:

“I am not your President….Donald Trump is your President”?

Well, yes.

But that wasn’t the full context.

But oh how beautiful this clip is.

Watch it here (I love how they call him Resident Biden):

And here:

And here:

And this is so right….someone has to remix this into a clip:

And now for the full context.

As you may have guessed, even Senile Biden didn’t just come out and say this.

Here was the full context:

But now, can we talk about what I think is the most under-rated part of the clip?

How clueless is this guy?

What does “as we Catholics say” mean and then following that up with “oh my God”?

Isn’t that actually violating the Second Commandment?

Now I get that the Catholics don’t have the best track record when it comes to the Communist Pope and the Child Molester Priests, but don’t they at least claim to follow the Second Commandment?

Man, this guy is trying to break as many Commandments from God and Amendments to the Constitution as possible, huh?

Going for the world record?

What a clown!

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Source: welovetrump.com



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