Something is weird…

From Mister famous to Mister Bubonic Plague is such a short time, Andrew Cuomo, and everything is possible.

A few months ago, Cuomo received awards for good managing the coronavirus situation, but now, all those things are nothing more but a huge lie.

Cuomo currently faces allegations of mishandling the coronavirus situation because he forced the nursing homes to accept contagious patients, sending many older people to their deaths.

What a human.
He acts like a serial killer, and he doesn’t care about that. Also, seven women, former aides, accused him of sexual harassment!

Cuomo- The Womanizer.
All the governors and famous people call for his resignation, and even his brother did that! But Cuomo just won’t quit!

Regardless of how hard he tries to look like that the situation is under control, it isn’t. Cuomo is very aware of that!

The latest picture of Cuomo that emerged on the Internet is bizarre! He wears a knitted ‘’granny shawl,’’ and holds a bottle of beer while talking on his phone.

Cuomo should be placed among those older men in the nursing homes regarding this photo!

Numerous people saw this photo and started commenting. Below you can see only one part of the comments.

Hello mom, I’m not going to be returning your shawl. It’s helping me get thru these rough days!

When you kill nana from the nursing home because you really wanted her blanket

“Can you get me off the hook, Joe? For old times’ sake?”

Grandma called she wants her shawl back.No, … Nobody can hear me or see me, … I have my invisibility cloak on. OK, bye, … I’m going back into the ladies room.”
If Cuomo is in this situation, it is clear that he will be unemployed soon.



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One thought on “BREAKING: The Most Bizarre Photo Of Governor Cuomo Emerged! Internet Went Wild!”
  1. While I’m surprised he is not out of office by now, though maybe there is a certain day for him to resign, yet we can have someone even worse than him. Let’s pray that Derrick Gibson (who hopefully has a spine like Donald Trump) or someone like him or better than him get into office. God bless!

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