The policies of Joe Biden and his administration about the southern borders of the country bring nothing good for the US citizens, but also for his own reputation and political integrity. Senate Republicans finally requested investigation about these absurd policies.

The request was made by a group of 40 Senate Republicans demanding investigation on Biden’s policies for solving the immigration crisis. The most important issue about the untransparent and disastrous policy is how the funds are being managed on the ground.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) launched an investigation into Biden as suggested by the Senate Republicans. Also, they have a good “alibi” to go deeper in this investigation because Biden froze the funds meant for construction of the border wall.

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Americans will suffer the consequences of these mistakes. First, public safety and health are in danger. Experts also claim that human trafficking and drug smuggling are “blooming” in the region, while South American cartels are boosting their power and influence inside and outside of the USA.

All representatives and important officials must involve themselves in the decision-making process and help Biden’s administration to quickly solve the immigrant crisis. Matters of national interest must always come first and before any political confrontation between the two major parties.

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Joe Biden Under Investigation”
  1. In the last few months, with these results, how many times would the Democrats have tried to impeach President Trump? The wall isn’t finished, there is crowding in the immigration facilities, the illegals aren’t being checked for Covid, but being released into American communities (where’s Fauci?), Joe is still asking for mask and lockdowns, but he’s the one contaminating America, a Covid Stimulus with only 9% going to Covid, an infrastructure Bill with on 50% going to the infrastructure, and higher taxes to pay for all of it. Why is Biden still in office?

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