People have accused Bill de Blasio’s wife of stealing $850 million.

Yes, that’s correct.

Not us, but others have.

Story here: WHERE’S THE MONEY BILL? NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Wife “Can’t Account For” $850 MILLION of Taxpayer Money

But NO ONE has ever accused his daughter of being very smart.

Why do I say that?

Because as Bill de Blasio gets ready to leave office, we’re flashing back to a crazy moment from a year ago when Bill de Blasio’s daughter said live on camera that Joe Biden stole the election.

She catches herself after she says it and laughs and says “Stole?  No, not stole.  Won.”

Good save…

Yes really:

Watch here:

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The National File confirmed the story is real:

Chiara de Blasio, daughter of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, is making her rounds on the internet yet again, this time following a bizarre street interview where she told reporters how excited she was that Joe Biden was able to “steal” the 2020 Election.

“For me, it’s really special because now we have the first black, Asian, female President in office, elected,” New York City’s First Daughter told reporters, omitting the word “Vice” from “Vice President” while apparently echoing the thoughts of millions of Americans who believe Kamala Harris would be running the show in a hypothetical Biden-Harris Administration.

“And Joe Biden was able to was able to win the election,” de Blasio then told the reporter.

The remarks came as leftists poured on to the streets of New York City to celebrate mainstream media declaring Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election – a declaration that carries no weight as multiple battleground states head for recounts and President Trump readies an army of lawyers and politicos to take reports of massive Democrat-sponsored election fraud to court.


And here:

I mean, she definitely looks not crazy, right?



Bill, you’ve really surrounded yourself with some real winners….




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