What in the world is going on at the “Biden Whitehouse”?

And by the “Biden Whitehouse” I mean the fake set they created to LOOK like the White House.

No, this is not conspiracy theory…

It’s not satire…

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And I’m not making this up.

This has been confirmed and even admitted by the Biden Regime.

And yet, even after getting busted, they keep doing it!

Why in the world would you need to set up a fake White House set to shoot your videos?

Unless….you don’t actually have any access to the real White House?

Think I’m crazy?

Then you come up with a better reason, because it’s not in dispute (not even by Snopes) that they are using a fake White House set for their videos.

The first time

Check this out:


Anyone else think that window looks fake as hell?

Like a cartoon screen behind him.

And his head doesn’t look right, like it’s in front of a green screen?

After many journalists started questioning the window, vindication came quickly!

Boy oh boy did we nail this one.

Soon this photo leaked out:

Some people thought the photo was fake, but as the day rolled on, the photo was confirmed to be TRUE.

That’s right folks….the photo showing the Biden FAKERY was proven true!

In fact, it wasn’t just a photo, there was video of the whole thing.

Video of the whole White House “set”.

It turns out the whole Biden jab didn’t even take place at the White House at all….it took place at a replica.

No folks, this is not conspiracy theory or “enjoy the movie” talk.

This was even confirmed by Fox News.

Take a look at these:

Wayne Dupree confirms:

Even Stephen Colbert mocked the lunacy:

And then the question we are all asking:


The short answer to that question may be what we have been wondering all along….

Is Biden truly not the President?

I mean, we all know he didn’t “win” but is he truly not even in the White House?

Fast forward to a few days ago and the Biden Regime was right back in front of the same window…

This time for a press conference on logistics.

So what do they do?

They super-impose cartoon shipping container graphics on the window behind him.

That doesn’t even make any sense!

Why would a massive cargo ship be in the White House lawn?

They aren’t even doing it smart anymore.

Either way, they got caught and called out again:

And now the latest….

While doing the annual NORAD calls with kids/parents for the Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve, the Biden Regime was busted for using the corny, fake, animated window yet again.

Yes folks, if you’re tracking the story you are exactly right….they are doing a fake bit about a fake Santa clause with a fake weather report in front of a fake animated window!

Oh, I forgot the kicker: it’s a fake President and First Lady!

You have to see this for yourself:

Watch for yourself here:


Now watch it again and keep your focus on that window.

Look how fake and animated the colors are.

Watch as the fake snow slides down the window.


Oh, and in case you think (by some strange stretch of the imagination the window looks real) then let me present to you the weather in Washington, D.C., December 24, 2021:  55 degrees!

It doesn’t snow at 55 degrees, not even in the Fake Biden Regime world!

Also, let’s go back to the video for a second….


Can you imagine being so brain-dead that you just told the entire world you agree with a phrase that essentially means “go screw yourself”?

Incredible, even for Sleepy Joe.

And for those of you who have been hearing and seeing “Let’s Go Brandon” everywhere (or “LGB”) and are frustrated because you have no idea what it means….I’ve got you covered!

I will fill you in….

For over two months now, “F🇺🇸ck Joe Biden” chants have been breaking out in football stadiums all across America.

Week after week after week.

Read more here: Joe Biden: “I Agree, Let’s Go Brandon!”

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