Big tech platforms appear to be doubling down on their support for Democrats and the current regime, as evidenced by a new analysis suggesting YouTube is propping up Joe Biden in a truly Orwellian manner.

The platform has deleted some 2.5 million “dislikes” from the official White House video channel including those featuring Joe Biden, according to a data researcher who posted anonymously online, The Epoch Times reported.

The analysis comes as officials with Google-owned YouTube announced that the platform is testing a new page feature that actually hides the ‘dislikes’.

For the past two years at least, the platform has had a policy in which editors and monitors remove likes and dislikes that are determined to be ‘spam.’

“We have policies and systems in place to ensure that the engagement on YouTube is authentic, and remove any fraudulent metrics,” a YouTube spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email.

However, when pressed, the spokesperson wouldn’t provide any details about what criteria its editorial staff utilizes when making spam determinations.

What’s more, according to the analysis, the removals appear to be very one-sided, as The Epoch Times notes:

The White House videos have seen these kinds of interventions on an ongoing basis, but it appears it’s only the dislikes that are disappearing.

The channel has posted more than 300 videos that have garnered nearly 3.7 million dislikes of which nearly 2.5 million were removed, according to data posted on the website The author of the website started to track the engagement on January 26 and has published all the data as well as the methodology used to collect it, but wouldn’t comment on his or her identity when asked via email.

YouTube is deleting close to 8,000 dislikes per video on average. Not a single like was removed, the data indicates.

According to social media posts, Trump supporters often make an effort to ‘dislike’ Biden White House videos, which of course means they are being logged by real people. Oftentimes, videos get thousands of dislikes very quickly after they are posted online, only to see a large portion of those dislikes removed in short order.

“In some cases, batches of dislikes would be removed about once an hour, keeping the dislike count around the same number. In other cases, a large portion of dislikes would be chopped down at once, the data indicates,” The Epoch Times reported, adding that the site posted results from other YouTube channels with many followers but the ‘dislike removal’ phenomenon did not compare at all to the Biden White Hosue removals.

For instance, PewDiePie — one of YouTube’s most popular channels, shows some removal of likes and dislikes but only about a few dozen or so per video, according to a review of more than two dozen videos.

In recent weeks, YouTube officials announced that the platform is testing a new page design in which includes a dislike button but the dislikes are not going to be displayed.

“This is a test for a small group of users and is a response to creator feedback that the visible count may impact their wellbeing,” a spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email.

The outlet added: “YouTube and its owner, Google, have long faced accusations of political bias. The companies have said their products are developed and run as politically neutral, but employee accounts and leaked internal materials indicate the companies are infusing their politics into their products.”

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SOURCE: Conservative Brief



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